Coffee Table Book

Throughout my years after taking on a camera as my security blanket, I acquired a substantial amount of photographs. Be it at home taking pictures of food or traveling the world, my hard drives are full of colorful photographers. Therein lies the problem, “my hard drive”. My mom, being my number fan, has, with reason, complained that she never gets to see any of the pictures I take. I tend to edit my favorites and then hide them back in my hard drive. There is a big conflict in my being that stops me from posting an abundant amount of my pictures from my traveling adventures on Facebook. I don’t want to appear pompous, I don’t want to presume that I’ve travelled here and there. However, I don’t want to apologize. I feel so lucky for the opportunities that I have been presented with, and I don’t want to dishonor the life my parents have fought for me to have. That being said, my childhood friend just recently told me that she wished she could see all of my photos in one book. Then, her next sentence was, “You need to create a coffee table book with your pictures and I will buy that book.” Well dear friend, I am taking that to heart, and you better be the first buyer!

Meanwhile, here is a compilation of pictures I have chosen thus far and will be adding more!

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