What’s Inside The Museum Of The 2nd Richest Man In The world?

Michael and I joined my family in Mexico to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday. We had a very wonderful time. Everyone dressed to the nines for a very fancy event and towards the end they pulled out the karaoke and even my grandmother and her sisters got up to sing! It. was. great!  While Michael finally got to meet the rest of my family, we also got to play tourists because it was his first time in Mexico City. I absolutely love Mexico City and have been there countless times.

In this occasion, it was my first time at the Soumaya Museum so I got a little carried away with the pictures.  However, before going to the museum, as my family’s priority would have it, coffee first. Or was it just my idea to get coffee first, I can’t remember.

The coffee shop, as you see, is called “Biscotto” I enjoyed photographing it because of the interior design and the props they used for decorations. 

After that, we hit the museum that Mr. Carlos Slim built in commemoration for his wife, Soumaya. The building itself has a likeness to one of Rodin’s sculptures. I believe the architecture is as much of an art as everything inside. Along, with some photos of the building, I snapped a couple of pictures of some sculptures inside by Salvador Dali.