London Time

London Time

We had the opportunity to visit some friends in London not too long ago. It was such an incredibly sweet time catching up, drinking tea as most Londoners would do. The trip was such a pleasant surprise. During my previous visits, I went in larger groups which kind of limited me from getting to check out the local sites. We just saw the top tourist spots and called it a trip. Sadly, that left me with a little underwhelming taste of London. Flash forward to 2016, Michael and I went to visit some friends far from the tourist clichés and into the real London. I absolutely fell in love with it. We probably walked about 8 to 9 miles daily, which is probably the best way to see a city and take great pictures; walking at a slow pace enjoying the parts that you don’t see while sitting a top a large red bus.

This photo was taken from the Prime Meridian in Greenwich. I just love this gorgeous view with all the contrasts it offers. A huge peaceful park, old architecture then at the end is the city skyline. 

Here we are having found our way to St. James park. I have no idea how we got here, we just kept walking and walking and came upon this park. I was completely mesmerized by this view. Behind this lake is Buckingham Palace, and as we walked over there we stumbled upon the changing of guards ceremony. 

Here are just a few other spots we came across that I photographed.

These two were smack downtown London.

These next three, as the tavern below will tell you were taken in Greenwich.