Did I just romanticize walls?

Did I just romanticize walls?

Why do I love Paris so much? Is it that I read too many books by Alexandre Dumas? Did I watch Pride and Prejudice too much? Or is it that I first experienced independence when I lived in Paris? Mostly likely it is a combination of all three and then some.

The French comedian Gad Elmaleh once said that Americans romanticize Paris and that it is not really what American’s envision Paris to be. That might be true. Once you actually live in Paris for longer than a year, I am sure some of the enchanting parts of it start to disappear. I guess I should be glad I don’t live there permanently because I can continue to romanticize it. When I walk down the streets of Paris it is so hard for my imagination not to take me to history and make myself part of it. Even the fictional history…It’s all Alexandre Dumas’ fault. I would’ve been a great fourth musketeer! 

If only the walls of Paris could talk, they’ve travelled through time and still stand. They’ve seen so many great authors and artists walk by and be part of their lives, and now those great buildings are part of our lives. These beautiful ancient buildings connect us to the past!

I think I just romanticized the walls in Paris... There might be something fundamentally wrong with me, but thats ok, my imagination is still in tact. The little kid in me is still alive and strong!

My hope is that my photography can transport you to your favorite time and place, even if it is a place that exists only in your imagination. 


Here are a few of my favorite places: