Calendars for the holidays

Calendars for the holidays

Holidays are among us and it’s been a good, crazy, busy for Grapefruit Medley. I got a huge amount of orders for my calendars. It feels so amazing. I am so thankful that you guys are liking my products. It has been such a joy coming up with this calendar and choosing the right photography for it. All the photographs were taken during my various trips to Mexico. Being that it is such a beautiful country with all the colors and architecture, I go crazy taking pictures every time I visit.

Back to creating the calendars - I love defying the odds and so it was such a huge plus that I enjoyed wood work. Rarely do you see a girl behind a giant saw…. Btw, I still don’t know the names of the machines I use…  

Ok, huge tangent, I had told my husband I wanted to create stuff with wood from old left over crates that you randomly see everywhere. I think he got so excited because the next day he came home with a bunch of machines and said, “here sweetheart look at all the stuff I got you for your crate projects!” #lovehim. He then showed me how to use them and let me start creating my mess. The first thing I created was a night stand for our guest bed. I actually ended up really liking it and thought it wasn’t so bad for a newbie. Alas, I created its counterpart. Our guests also seem to like them :)

Well my whole crate projects didn’t last long before the wood working changed into calendars and frames for Grapefruit Medley.  

So here are a few pics of the process, oh yea, but this first one is of the night stand I was telling you about!