I want to share with you guys why, out of the many photos I've taken, I chose the images for my shop. For this post I will share this picture named "Breau", but pronounced "bro" hahaha. This particular one just might be my favorite out of the whole group. The picture was taken in a little town outside of Paris, France called Fontainebleau. There is a chateau there which housed many of the monarchs in France starting with Louis VII through Napoleon III. While the chateau has such deep history this particular shot has become my favorite for other reasons. 

Growing up in El Paso, Texas, the sun shined almost every single day and the days always felt hot and dry. It is because of this weather that I came to love cloudy and rainy days. Many think I'm crazy, especially my friends in California who have the sun everyday and still love it! However, when the rain comes around, I actually get hyper and I always ALWAYS want to go out and dance in the rain....cue the song "Singing in the Rain". Yet I digress.... lets get back to the picture. 

The sky looks purple because it was actually raining that day. I can still remember it even though it was more than 10 years ago. Walking around the majestic castle in the rain with the lush green trees and the lake in the background felt so surreal. I must confess, I felt like I was walking around Pemberley. Friends, you must know now. Pride and Prejudice. Yes, I am another one of those girls that is unnaturally attached to that book. Anyway, Pemberley, the dwelling place of Mr. Darcy, is of significant importance in the book.  

So while this picture seems like the most gloomy, it is the one that transports me back into one of my favorite memories. 



P.S. All the names of my pictures are the names of the streets that I took them in.